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Music For Sale – So Right

Love is so funny when you get hurt and you’re starting to laugh
just standing alone now figuring why everything was going so fast
and all you’ve wanted was someone and love will take care for the rest
like I can do…like I want to…for so long…

Love is a puzzle and all you need is someone just to figure it out
don’t look away babe cause u know I always be willing to try
I’ll wait you right here babe cause I know that baby I’m not fooling around
baby I want you…just only you…for so long


Baby, I know what you feel and I’m so inspired
honey, if you let me with you I’ll fix you right
So Right….
We might as well go on together
cause baby I can love you better
if you realize

I know that you’re sad babe and all you need is love but love was not easy to find
don’t look far now cause you know I always be waiting in front
I’ll always be here even though I know you always left me behind
Baby I want you…just only you…for so long

Back to chorus

I want to love, hold, give you all the care that you need
relax baby when you’re with me cause I’ll be the one who holds you tight
tonight, baby when we’re together, this feeling will take you further and you’ll be alright…

Sampai akhir zaman juga yang namanya masalah hati tidak akan pernah selesai. ^_^;
Whuaaa… malam ini diriku nan mungil kembalo GeJe…
Di mana-mana GeJe…
Sensi tngkat tinggi tiada jelas…
Di dunia maya apalalagi! Bikin postingan, trus hapus. Bikin lagi, hapus lagi.


My pinky room, tujuhbelas lima sebelas


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